By J WIECZOREK 04 May, 2016
Swiss Wedding Photographer Andrea Kuehnis came over to the UK back in January to carry out a photo shoot for one of her newly wed Swiss couples who wanted a post wedding day shoot in Cornwall. Andrea contacted me ( ) to be make up artist for the shoot which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.  Bride Jessie wore a stunning hand made celtic dress and her hair was very sculpted on the first look (hair by Emilie Gill and then more natural hair down with a head wreath in greens for the second look so I kept a quite strong look but using natural , earthy colours to suit both looks.

Andrea was so pleased with my work and team spirit that she asked me to be make up artist again for a number of bridal shoots she came back to Cornwall to do at the end of April. All 3 shoots are to appear in various bridal magazines and blogs so I cannot show previews of them as yet but I really enjoyed the contrast of all three of them.

Shoot 1 - We created a dreamy couples beach wedding shoot with a real couple Jade and Brad that had only got married 5 weeks prior.  The look was quite chic and we shot it on Constantine beach while the sun was going down to create such a beautiful, dreamy, romantic feel with Jades hair and veil slightly moving in the cornish sea breeze on the sandy dunes and her reflection captured on the rock pool puddles.  I used natural colours that were just enough to really bring out Jades eyes and give a soft and pretty look to compliment her soft hair style (hair by Emilie Gill) 

Shoot 2 - This was a more enchanting shoot set in Tehidy woods within the rustic trees and sea of bluebells , again it was a real couple Emilie and Darren with their dress atire being of a quite enchanting theme of a lacey dress, hair down with natural curls and a flower wreath and Darren was dressed in tweed. The weather was perfect and Andrea used her photography skills to capture the sun oozing through the trees. I used subtle oranges on Emilie's make up to compliment the greens, browns and purples of the surrounding bluebell woodland and to work with Emilies beautiful auburn coloured hair. 

Shoot 3 - This consisted of 2 different looks both being of the more dramatic theme.  It was shot on the very dramatic, rocky and rustic Millook beach with beautiful grey colours.  We used professional model Vikki Omlo for this shoot and on the first look she wore a glamourous flowy dress with hair up (done beautifully by hairstylist Emilie Gill) and a stunning lace head piece.  The flowers were different shades of reds with the deep green foliage so I created a very dramatic smokey eye look with deep red lips.  It was such a powerful, compelling look. 
The second look within this shoot was a more loose, messy dramatic look with hair half up half down that could move in the wind and a 2 piece dress with a stunning lace top and big full layered netted skirt that could really move in the wind.  We kept her dramatic smokey eyes and changed her lips to a more nude lip to really bring out her eyes as the main feature. 

Andrea has already had a lot of interest from Bridal Magazines and I am looking forward to seeing the images from all 3 shoots published soon. 

I really enjoyed working with Andrea and Emilie again and am looking forward to working with them both   for a third visit to Cornwall in December for a Christmas themed photo shoot. 

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By J WIECZOREK 11 Apr, 2016
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